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Power Steering


Flush high repair costs before they occur

The Problem

Power steering systems subject power steering fluids to high temperatures and pressures, causing oxidation, fluid deterioration and eventually breakdown, reducing lubricity while accumulating varnish deposits, abrasive wear metals and debris that grind seals, valves and friction surfaces. Lack of maintenance can inhibit steering, and cause leaks and premature power steering unit failure. Symptoms that the power steering system has gone too long without maintenance include:

  • Dark fluid color
  • Rough, jerky or hard turns
  • Power steering unit squeal
  • Stiff steering on “cold starts”
  • Fluid leaks

The Solution

Power steering system flushing and fluid replacement before damage occurs will save customers major repair work and expensive power steering component replacement. Regular maintenance service provides the best “insurance” against high repair costs. The Full Throttle Power Steering Flush Kit includes:

1. Full Throttle Power Steering Flush

Safe, powerful cleaner dissolves and suspends deposits. Flushes the entire system of oxidized power steering fluid, varnish deposits, wear metals, debris and other contaminants.

2. Full Throttle Power Steering Fluid and Conditioner

Replaces old fluid with highly refined base oils, friction modifiers and select additives designed to lubricate and protect all moving parts against squeal, chatter and wear, providing continuous hydraulic actuation under the severest of temperatures and conditions. Protects against oxidation and corrosion, foaming and clogging, conditions and revitalizes seals and o-rings.

Compatibility: Power Steering Fluid and Conditioner is formulated from a select blend of highly refined 100% virgin base oils, formulated to operate effectively in almost all power steering units and blended for compatibility with original equipment fluids. Exceptions include:

  • Silicone based fluids
  • Full synthetic fluids


Full Throttle Power Steering Flush Kit application flushes the power steering system completely, and

replaces power steering fluid. Benefits include:

  • Removes contaminants and deposits
  • Restores lubricity
  • Removes abrasive wear metals and debris
  • Restores ease of steering
  • Reduces wear and premature component failure
  • Reduces valve sticking and squeal
  • Restores quiet, smooth, uniform steering control
  • Rejuvenates seals to help prevent fluid leaks
  • Reduces costly repairs due to system failure
  • Provides safe, secure steering

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